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Sep 28 2015

ARTIST Press Release Issue 3 now available online!

We are proud to announce the publishing of ARTIST Press Release Issue 3. Three years ago, ARTIST envisioned the creation of a tool-supported methodology to cloudify software applications. Now, three years later we can say that we have realized our vision. ARTIST has released an open source tool suite that guides software application vendors selling their applications following the license-based business model and with traditional n-tier architectures, in the process to make their applications cloud - compliant, multi-tenant, scalable, elastic and secure.

Sep 28 2015


ARTIST short Paper "Cloud compliant applications: A reference framework to assess the maturity of software applications with respect to Cloud" will be presented at the IEEE 9th Symposium on the Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Systems and Cloud-Based Environments Conference (MESOCA 2015), which will be held in Bremen, Germany, on October 2nd 2015. The program of the conference is available here

Sep 23 2015

ARTIST project @ OW2 open-source software community

We are proud to announce that ARTIST project has been accepted in the OW2 open-source software community at the incubation level by the OW2 Technology Council, with 18 positive votes, none negative or blank. Considering OW2 mission, to promote the development of open cloud computing platforms and foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem, long term sustainability of ARTIST assets has been ensured.

Sep 16 2015

CloudScale last consortium meeting

The 10th and last consortium meeting of CloudScale took place last week at Ericsson Nikola Tesla's offices in Split, Croatia.

During 2 and a half days we defined the last steps towards the conclusion of our project, and even projections for continued work after its finalization.

Ahead of us is the final quarter of the project, and its review at the beggining of next year.

Sep 13 2015

SINTEF Leads Multi-Project Presentation at ECMFA

Alessandro Rossini of SINTEF, Oslo, presented a multi-project collaborative paper at the 11th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications (ECMFA 2015), which was held in L'Aquila, Italy, from 20-24 July 2015. The ECMFA conference focuses on Model-Based Engineering and was one of the federated conferences held at Software Technologies, Foundations and Applications (STAF 2015), the continuation of the famous TOOLS series of federated conferences. The paper was entitled: "A Comparison of Two-Level and Multi-Level Modelling for Cloud-Based Applications", and studied the consequences of varying the number of representational levels used in model-transformation approaches for the Cloud. A significant number of EU-funded research projects share an interest in Model-Based Engineering and its applications. The collaborating projects involved in this paper were:PaaSage (EU FP7): http:www.paasage.euBroker@Cloud (EU FP7): (EU FP7): http:www.mondo-project.orgSICOMORo-CM (EU and Madrid region): http:sicomoro-cm.esGo-Lite (Spanish Ministry)This paper was perhaps the most broadly collaborative output of the Broker@Cloud project so far!Alessandro Rossini presents at ECMFAThe EU projects collaborating at ECMFA

Sep 07 2015

"ARTIST: Model-Based Stairway to the Cloud" paper has been published!

"ARTIST: Model-Based Stairway to the Cloud" paper has been published in the Proceedings of the Projects Showcase, part of the Software Technologies: Applications and Foundations 2015 federation of conferences (STAF 2015), L'Aquila, Italy, July 22, 2015, (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Volume 1400, 2015, pp 1-8).

The paper is available here.

Sep 07 2015

ARTIST, PaaSage and MODAClouds joint paper accepted at CloudMDE workshop 2015

ARTIST, PaaSage and MODAClouds joint paper "The Evolution of CloudML and its Applications" has been accepted for presentation at the 3rd CloudMDE workshop colocated with MODELS 2015, which will be held in Ottawa, Canada, on September 29th, 2015.

Sep 07 2015

ARTIST and MODAClouds Collaboration Paper accepted at Cloud Forward 2015

ARTIST and MODAClouds Collaboration Paper "A Joint Benchmark-Analytic Approach For Design-Time Assessment of Multi-Cloud Applications" has been accepted for presentation at the 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Big Data and Big Data Management (Cloud Forward 2015), which will be held in Pisa, Italy, on October 6th-8th, 2015.

Sep 07 2015

ARTIST Paper accepted at Cloud Forward 2015

ARTIST Paper "A model driven approach for supporting the Cloud target selection process" has been accepted for presentation at the 1st International Conference on Cloud Computing, Information Technology, Big Data and Big Data Management (Cloud Forward 2015), which will be held in Pisa, Italy, on October 6th-8th, 2015.

Aug 31 2015

ARTIST article "Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects" published in IEEE Computer!

ARTIST article "Software Modernization Revisited: Challenges and Prospects" has been published in Computer (Volume:48, Issue: 8), the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

The authors (Hugo Bruneliere, Jordi Cabot, Javier Luis Canovas Izquierdo, Leire Orue-Echevarria Arrieta, Oliver Strauss, Manuel Wimmer) discuss important factors to consider when migrating software to the cloud and offer recommendations to maximize the chance of success.

Aug 31 2015

ARTIST Paper accepted at MESOCA 2015

ARTIST Paper "Cloud compliant applications: A reference framework to assess the maturity of software applications with respect to Cloud" has been accepted for presentation at the IEEE 9th Symposium on the Maintenance and Evolution of Service-Oriented Systems and Cloud-Based Environments Conference (MESOCA 2015), which will be held in Bremen, Germany, on October 2nd 2015. The abstract of the short paper is available here.

Aug 26 2015

CloudScale tools demonstrated at Eclipse demo camps

Eclipse is a popular software development environment, which is one reason why CloudScale chose our tools to run in that environment.  The Eclipse user community hosts demo camps a number of places to announce new features.

We took this opportunity to present the CloudScale tools at two such demo camps:

Aug 21 2015

CAS presents Broker@Cloud to Customers and Partners

In the frame of the Customer Centricity Forum & CAS Business Partner Congress on 16-17 June, CAS organized several sessions aimed at presenting and demonstrating the Broker@Cloud project and results to CAS partners and customers. During and after the sessions, the participants had the chance to interact and discuss about the Broker@Cloud-enabled CAS AppStore and  the adoption of cloud service brokerage mechanisms.                                                                                                    

Jul 25 2015

Broker@Cloud Day Tutorial at ESOCC

We are pleased to announce that the Broker@Cloud team will be presenting a day-long tutorial at the 4th European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC 2015), to be held in Taormina (Messina), Italy.  Put the dates in your diary now:  15-17 September 2015.  We will be presenting the project briefly on the first day, as part of the European Projects track.  On the final day, we will be running a day-long tutorial, with a mixture of presentations and hands-on experience with the various mechanisms for quality assurance in Cloud service brokerage that have been developed by the partners in the project.

Jul 25 2015

Our Brokerage Mechanisms in a Nutshell

Are you a Cloud Platform Provider?  Are you an Independent Software Vendor?  The mechanisms developed by the Broker@Cloud project may be able to help you leverage the power of future Cloud brokerage service ecosystems!  We have made available four technical specification sheets, which allow you to see at-a-glance how we may help you to solve particular quality assurance problems in your Cloud service provision.Navigate to the Technical Specification Sheets, in our section on Industry Newsletters.

Jul 21 2015

XML Description Schema improvement

The OPTIMIS toolkit has been now updated and expanded with an automated XML Description Model for clarifying database rights. The database right section includes a location constraint mechanism that allows the cloud provider to choose in which countries the databases are going to be located. This includes an 'unconditional (Boolean) waiving' system whereby the cloud provider can choose to keep or waive database rights as an alternative for scientific databases and/or databases transferred across different jurisdictions outside of the EU/EEA countries.

read more

Jul 08 2015

CloudScale at Eclipse Demo Camp 2015 Stuttgart

On 1st July, Jinying Yu from TU Chemnitz presents the CloudScale’s Analyzer in Eclipse Demo Camp 2015 Stuttgart. This is an event held by Itemis in University of Stuttgart. There are over 40 developers attending this event. Jinying introduces the CloudScale project and tool set, particularly demonstrates Analyzer in this event. CloudScale tool set arouses interest of the audience, esp. the Static Spotter and the Dynamic Spotter.

Jul 06 2015

ARTIST Papers accepted at STAF 2015 Projects Showcase & BigMDE Workshop

ARTIST Paper "ARTIST: Model-Based Stairway to the Cloud" has been accepted for presentation at the STAF 2015 Projects Showcase, which will be held in L’Aquila, Italy, on July 22nd 2015. During the BigMDE Workshop at STAF 2015 event, ARTIST will also present the paper "Parallel In-place Model Transformations with LinTra", on July 23rd 2015.

Jul 02 2015

The OPENi Personal Cloudlet

The strength of the OPENi platform stems from the three pillars upon which it is built: the Cloudlet Framework, the API Framework, and the Security Framework. Most readers will be somewhat familiar with APIs and Security. The term ‘cloudlet’, however, might not reveal it’s meaning as readily. Simply put, an OPENi cloudlet provides application consumers [...]

Jun 30 2015

ARTIST @ EclipseCon France 2015

ARTIST project has been presented at the EclipseCon France 2015 conference that was held in Toulouse, France on June 24th-25th, 2015. ARTIST Partner, INRIA, presented the demo "Migrating Applications to the Cloud with Eclipse Technologies: Feedback from the ARTIST Project" during the Showtime demos session, on the second day of the conference.

Jun 22 2015

A privacy aware recommender system leveraging the power of personal cloudlets

“Recommender systems are a subclass of information filtering systems that seek to predict the ‘rating’ or ‘preference’ that a user would give to an item” (Wikipedia, June 2015). For the less tech-savvy, recommender systems are simply everywhere! If you think this is an over-statement, think again! If you have ever visited an e-shop, you have [...]

Jun 19 2015

A Framework to Control and Visualize Your Privacy

The OPENi project delivers a novel consumer-centric, privacy-by-design, open source mobile cloud applications development platform, serving as a catalyst for a new mobile applications era. Main element of the OPENi architecture is the introduction of users’ Cloudlet, where applications access, store and update users’ data and content (i.e. profile, location, social data) according to their [...]

Jun 19 2015

ARTIST & SeaClouds @ Cloud World Forum

We are glad to announce that ARTIST & SeaClouds projects will be exhibited at the Cloud World Forum, which will take place at the Olympia Grand, London, UK, on 24-25 June 2015. Come and visit us at our Stand B310 next week!!

Jun 12 2015

Go to cloud - Business Event in Madrid June 30

What: Business workshop: “Solving Top 6 Problems in Cloud Development LifeCycle”

When: Tuesday June 30th, 2015

Where: Atos Spain, Calle Albarracín 25, Madrid

Jun 04 2015

Broker@Cloud Workshop at Singular Logic premises

Within the frame of dissemination activities to potential Broker@Cloud stakeholders from industry towards the exploitation of project results, Singular Logic organized on 15th of May a Broker@Cloud workshop aimed at presenting the Broker@Cloud project to interested professionals working on the implementation and delivery of cloud services. The workshop hosted four talks, including a general overview of the project (by Stamatia  Rizou) followed by the presentation of the optimization mechanism (by Yannis Verginadis) and service governance mechanism (by Simos Veloudis)  implemented within the project. Panagiotis Gouvas from Singular Logic provided a demonstration of the proposed framework showing the operation of Broker@Cloud framework on the Orbi brokerage platform. The workshop participants had the chance to interact with the presenters in an open discussion moderated by the host researchers about the adoption of cloud service brokerage mechanisms and their potential in the Greek cloud market. 

May 21 2015

Broker@Cloud Exhibition at UK National Software Testing Conference

Broker@Cloud raised its profile by mounting an exhibition at the UK National Software Testing Conference.  The conference, which attracts participants mainly from industry, took place on 19 - 20 May, 2015, at the British Museum, London.  Representing Broker@Cloud, Anthony Simons joined forces with a team from the Advanced Computing Research Centre, Sheffield, in co-sponsoring an exhibition stand.  We were there from 08:00 for the two days, meeting representatives from such companies as Accenture, Capita, Birlasoft, 31 Media, PlanIt, InfoStretch and Aqua (a new venture for cross-platform testing of mobile applications).  Anthony Simons ran a live demonstration of Testing-as-a-Service over the web, generating executable test files in different formats.  Visitors to our stand took materials relating both to software testing in particular, and also to Cloud service quality assurance in general, covering all the areas promoted by Broker@Cloud.  The ACRC also advertised its collaborative research and consultancy services.       Anthony Simons (Broker@Cloud), with Phil McMinn and Mat Hall (ACRC) ready for business at the UK National Software Testing Conference, London.The industry focus on testing this year was mostly in two areas.  The first of these, Behaviour-Driven Design, is a means of writing user-stories so that these can be mapped more easily onto software tests, so linking the perspectives of the business analyst and the test developer through supporting tools.  The second theme was DevOps, the strategy used for development and deployment across different platforms, with continuous integration testing.  We had something to offer there, with the capability of translating high-level tests into different formats for different platforms.  The visitors to our stand were quite impressed with the power of model-based testing, since in industry the state-of-the-art mostly relies on the ingenuity of developers and end-users to think up appropriate tests, which often misses important negative test cases.  The need for high-quality software testing was acknowledged as becoming increasingly important, as software permeates more areas of everyday life, and the liability for poor software is being challenged in courts.  Chris Ambler, a keynote speaker, foresaw the death of the old role of the post-hoc humble software tester, and the need for Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET), skilled developers who plan for quality from the outset.We continued discussions over dinner on the first night, where the notion of "Fridge Terrorism" was the spectre on which hung the future security of the Internet-of-Things.  Not only could hackers of the future try to gain control your home devices, but also WiFi will eventually be replaced by LiFi, ubiquitous information channels activated by modulated light sources.  You might walk under a street lamp and upload your life from smart wearables.  All of this meant that the need for rigorous quality assurance was always going to be with us.   The Conference dinner event, held in the Russell Hotel, Russell Square, London

May 18 2015

Save the date! Join ARTIST in CLOSER 2015 - in Lisbon, Portugal during 21 May 2015

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of ARTIST in the European Project Space (EPS) Session – Cloud Computing, Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems on Thursday May 21 at 16:00 CET. The session is taking place within the 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2015).
The EPS program is available here

May 08 2015

Best paper award and more at the CompArch & WICSA 2015

This year’s CompArch & WICSA conferences were a full success for CloudScale. We are happy that our QoSA paper about definitions and metrics for scalability, elasticity, and efficiency won the best paper award. Also our paper at the FoSADA workshop about evaluating design assistants like Architectural Templates fostered productive discussions. At CompArch’s and WICSA’s poster session, we introduced several conference participants to the CloudScale Method. Check our Twitter ( for pictures.

May 04 2015

Save the date! Join ARTIST in CLOSER 2015 - in Lisbon, Portugal during 20-22 May 2015

The 5th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2015) focuses on the emerging area of Cloud Computing and Services and about what involves the infrastructure, operations, and available services through the global network. The conference considers as essential the link to Services Science and Cloud Computing and aims to analyze how Services Science can provide theory, methods and techniques to design, analyze, manage, market and study various aspects of Cloud Computing.

Apr 21 2015

KPMG Visit Sheffield for a Testing Showcase Event

On Monday 20 April 2015, the Advanced Computing Research Centre in Sheffield hosted a software testing showcase event for representatives from KPMG, the global accountancy and financial services company.  The visitors were Daryl Elfield, Director of Testing Services at KPMG, and his colleagues James McDiarmid and Ryan Sandilands.  The visitors were treated to a series of presentations and demonstrations of the University of Sheffield's ground-breaking software testing technologies, including the Broker@Cloud software service testing tools.  The presentations included:Phil McMinn:  Search-based software testingKirill Bogdanov:  Reverse-engineering models from tracesAnthony Simons:  Model-based testing for cloud servicesDemonstrations were given of the following tools:Gordon Fraser:  the EvoSuite evolutionary testing tool for JavaPhil McMinn:  the IGUANA evolutionary testing tool for CAnthony Simons:  the Broker@Cloud verification and testing tool suiteKirill Bogdanov:  the StateChum reverse engineering and testing toolMat Hall:  the SUMO tool for supervised software re-modularisationAnthony Simons:  the JWalk lazy systematic unit testing tool for JavaPhil McMinn:  the SchemaAnalyst tool for data schema regression testingThomas Walsh:  a tool for testing desktop-to-mobile UI transformationsAfter a pie-and-pea lunch, Daryl Elfield gave an inspirational lecture to a first-year student class in software engineering.  His comments at the end of the day were that Sheffield had unique strengths in the UK for its software testing research; and that this was highly attractive to KPMG.  An initial arrangement was drawn up for collaboration between KPMG Testing Services and the Advanced Computing Research Centre.Daryl Elfield, Director of Testing Services, KPMG.James McDiarmid, Principal Consultant, KPMG.

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