OCEAN is developed by a consortium of four partners bringing together industry and research leaders, innovative technology builders and open source community expertise. To foster synergies and interoperability among open cloud projects, OCEAN brings a portfolio of four services:

Open-Cloud-Directory.jpgOpen Cloud Directory

  • Registry of Open Cloud assets
  • Technical & license information
  • Registry of Open Cloud projects
  • More information

Testing-Services.jpgQuality and Testing Services

  • Multi-platform builds and tests
  • Multi-node testing scenarios
  • Quality Assurance
  • More information

Interoperability-Framework.jpgInteroperability Framework

  • Open standards compliance
  • Cloud Reference architecture
  • Open Cloud roadmap
  • More information

Events-and-Plugfests.jpgOpen Cloud Plugfests

  • Joint events with ETSI, SNIA, DMTF, OGF, etc.
  • Interoperability demos and tests
  • Market adoption initiatives
  • More information

In the framework if the OCD and interoperability framework services, OCEAN will deliver specific labels to projects that have successfully implemented the OCEAN methodology. This will be visible on the OCEAN EU brochure "European Open Cloud Interoperability Framework Brochure". 

Reviewed by OCEAN label

Reviewed_by_Dummy.jpg Your project must be listed in the Open Cloud Directory. If not done yet, you can register here: OCD Registration At least one asset of your project should be described (documentation, source code or any other results).

Quality Report OCEAN label

Quality_Report_Dummy.jpg To obtain the Quality Validated label on testability, reliability, changeability, efficiency and more criteria, please contact us to submit your code.

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